our story.


hmpr. started in west london with founder Nadine who came to the realisation (after desperately trying to buy meaningful presents online last minute, during london's pre-christmas lockdown) that there were no retailers selling hampers, who showcased the fabulous artisan, sustainable and eco-friendly brands of britain, at an affordable price.


there is an endless list of small businesses really making a difference and advocating for a more conscious, healthy, and green life, but unfortunately they also often get overlooked by all of the big brands we're used to seeing. these products are full of love, passion and quality, but most of all have been sourced locally, sustainably and withstand end-to-end ethical values.


however, there are some big brands out there that really share the same ethos as us and we know they deserve a place in our hampers. our selected brands will constantly be evolving so please do keep an eye out for new product releases!

our mission


  1. to make giving thoughtful and unique hampers as simple and guilt-free as possible. 

  2. to promote a more conscious and greener way to live.

  3. to support small businesses within the united kingdom who hold a similar, eco-friendly ethos to ours.

our ethics + values

hmpr. are proud to say that we only chose to work british brands who seek to promote a greener way of living and tick all of the following boxes:


  • locally sourced ingredients (with the exception of elements that can't be sourced locally such as coffee, moso bamboo etc.)

  • cruelty-free

  • ethical sourcing

  • recyclable/compostable packaging and materials

  • non-toxic

  • palm-oil free

  • natural and organic ingredients

  • bio-degradable materials


this means you don’t need to worry about clogging up any landfills and can purchase guilt-free gifts for your loved ones, without hurting the environment.