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handmade solid body butter exfoliates your skin worries away, deeply moisturise and nourish for the softest skin after each use. 


a body butter with a difference. why? because you can take it to the shower (or bath) with you and your skin gets moisturised before you even step out of the water.


just glide it on your wet skin to release a thin layer of scrubby, natural butter and coffee. you can rinse it off pretty much straight away or massage it lightly onto the skin first. as you wash it off you will immediately notice your skin is nourished and soft. let’s not forget the lovely scent it leaves, sweet and nutty, think hazelnut coffee with a shot of vanilla.

organic body butter and scrub bar

  • as you would probably expect, it’s packed with the good stuff. the ingredients include all the usual suspects:


    • cocoa butter (known for amazing abilities to nourish, hydrate and improve skin’s elasticity)


    • shea butter (skin softener and anti-free radicals’ agent)


    • coconut oil (excellent moisturiser which smells so good!)


    • ground coffee (natural exfoliator to reveals new, healthy skin)


    apart from its great moisturising properties and beautiful, natural smell, it will save you tons of time as you’ll be ready to go as soon as you step out of the bath or shower. your skin will look radiant and supple and the butter offers a long-lasting effect.


    there is no need to compromise and neglect the needs of your skin, especially if you have our espresso body butter in hand. and it’s worth remembering that just because it’s winter and our skin is covered with all the layers, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get the care it deserves. our skin is more likely to dry out even more in colder months.


    keep it out of direct contact with water (as it will melt away) or children (as they might want to eat it)

  • standard delivery (3-5 working days) - £3.50


    48 hour delivery (1-2 working days) - £5


    FREE DELIVERY on orders over £50!